Tell your story!

"...and then what do you do when you graduate? "

This question is asked by every student more than once before and even during his/her studies. Often we do not know the answer ourselves.

For this reason, we are looking for YOU!

Because we want to know, "What are our alumni doing today?"

The only criterion is that you have completed your studies at TU Ilmenau. No matter what you are doing now - we want to hear it.
Where did you start and where did it take you?
If you feel addressed, contact us and become part of our Alumni Faces interview series.

I am in!

You would like to present your alumni portrait to today's students and motivate them to study your degree program at TU Ilmenau? Then please send us a short message. We are looking forward to hearing from you.


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The project "Alumni Faces"

We are Kira, Caronlin, Leon and Lukas and study Applied Media and Communication Sciences. As part of our media project, we are launching the Alumni Faces project together with the TU Ilmenau marketing department and you.
As Ilmenau students, the university and Ilmenau are very important to us. During our time here, we have been able to experience a lot - we have made new friends, had to run our own household for the first time, had deadlines to meet and exams to write, were welcomed with open arms into the campus family TU Ilmenau and learn for life. And yet, the question of what we can actually do with our degree is always on our minds.
To answer this question for us, current and future students, we would like to tell your stories. And inspire many more prospective students to study at the TU Ilmenau!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at!


How can I participate in the project "Alumni Faces"?

Here we are primarily guided by your wishes.
You have three options to support our project, each of which involves a slightly different process.

Option 1: Come back to your old place of study Ilmenau and let memories come alive! Here we will make an appointment with you to meet for a personal interview in front of the camera. (Time required on site: approx. 2h).

Option 2: You give us the chance to visit you at your current location (your city or even your office). In front of the camera, you give us a comprehensive impression of your life in a personal interview. You show us your workplace/place of residence to give prospective students an even more intensive insight! (Time required on site: approx. 2-3h)

Why should I participate?

The Alumni Faces project gives you the opportunity to get involved with TU Ilmenau and give something back. Tell about your career and your everyday professional life and become a role model for many young people. Give students and prospective students an incentive to study at TU Ilmenau. And show them what opportunities a degree from our university offers!
With your experiences and stories, we can make all the future opportunities that a degree offers more tangible and real. And answer prospective students' questions about what could actually come afterwards and why they should study at TU Ilmenau - even before they graduate.

How much time will I have to invest?

Depending on the form in which you want to tell your story, the time required will vary.

**Option 1 **:
On the day of the interview, you will meet with the film team at your old place of study, where the interview will be conducted and possibly filmed at a selected location. The interview guide is already fixed before the interview.

For the arrival and welcome, the interview and the farewell we estimate about 1 - 2 hours. Depending on weather conditions or unforeseen problems, there could be possible delays.

Option 2:
On the day of the interview, the film team visits you at your home or workplace and records the interview there. The interview guide is already set before the shoot, so we can start directly into the interview. The illustration of your profession and workplace offers prospective students a realistic and tangible insight into the working world.

We estimate approximately 2 - 3 hours for arrival and greeting, technical set-up, interview and tear-down. Depending on weather conditions or unforeseen problems, there could be possible delays.

Where will my information be published?

Our interview series Alumni Faces aims to motivate prospective students to enroll at TU Ilmenau. To reach the target group of prospective students, we publish the interviews on various platforms. Primarily, the interviews are published on the homepage of the TU Ilmenau, on the Alumni Campus Portal as well as on the YouTube channel of the TU Ilmenau. To generate attention, selected video clips, images and quotes will also be published on TU Ilmenau's social media channels (e.g. Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Xing).

Upon request, we will provide you with the interview for final approval prior to publication